You can help us …

You can help us …

Education – so dear to our hearts – allows girls in particular to escape social dependence, physical and psychological abuses, family repression and prostitution. As for the boys, our medical, social and formative care which we make a commitment to support them with, brighten their future away from hard labor and difficult conditions.

For them all, to be a pupil of Jeevan Jyothi Trust (JJT) means to receive medical care, to be accurately fed, to attend good schools and to access training workshop to become self-autonomous.

Through sponsoring, these children, teenagers and young adults are given the means to live a life they would not have otherwise. For the children suffering from handicap, we can secure the best medical attention they are entitled to receive.

We spend an average of CHF 420.00 (EUR 385) per child and per year. It covers feeding, medical care, school fees, uniform, books, school furniture and sanitation materials.

For a student, costs range from CHF 500.00 to 1’000.00 (EUR 450 to 900).
You want to help us ?

  • Sponsor a child –  CHF 420.00 (EUR 385) per year
  • Sponsor a student – CHF 500.00 to CHF 1’000.00 (EUR 450 to 900) per year
  • Make a donation

Nowadays no one can ignore that training of our youths is the best tool we can offer. Being properly trained will help them to build up their lives with dignity and respect. This is what we want for our children; let it happen for the children in our homes.

We sincerely thank you for your support