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Jeevan Jyothi Trust

It all began in 1998, while in Mangalore, Edith Stecher volunteered in an orphanage. She became very sensitive to the fact that children with disabilities were left alone most of the day. Confronted with unbearable life stories and the fates of new-born children with congenital infirmities, she was deeply moved by the lack of means. The orphanage was deprived of almost everything necessary to provide care for these children: knowledge of care, infrastructure, time and money. Edith could not bear this situation and decided to quit her Swiss life and dedicate her time for those children who were « differently abled»; her stays were too short to initiate concrete and lasting changes. She promised one child, she would look for another home and get it ready to host children as soon as possible.

Two years later on 13 November 2000, the first home for disabled children opened its doors. During spring 2001, Edith went back to Mangalore and returned with five very young disabled children!

With not much available, Edith opened a center for about fifteen children in Jageri (4 hours south of Bangalore). Her project « Jeevan Jyothi Trust » (JJT) was born and operational.

Since then JJT has grown up and is now a nongovernmental organization which has provided during the last 15 years, care, education, love and security to the children. They have been given a possibility to grow up in a secure environment.

In the meantime, not only handicapped children were welcomed at the center but also orphans and children born in very poor families but with a great potential of integration.


Jeevan Jyothi Trust is located in premises situated in Kollegal, and shares space with the Girls Boarding Home.

Administration Kollegal

Jeevan Jyothi Trust (JJT) (India)
Sri Mahadeshwara College Rd.
P.O.Box 20 – KOLLEGAL 571440
Chamrajnagar (D) Karnataka
India – Tel.: +91 8224 25 61 83

Geographical location

Kollegal is a trading city in the district of Chamrajnagar. It is approx.  130 kms south  of Bangalore, and  60 kms east of Mysore. Jageri is located some 20 kms northeast of  Kollegal.