Our projects

Our New projects

Since the beginning of our action, we have always tried to make the best of every urgent situation. We have welcomed disabled children or in social distress in one or the other according to availability. We now wish to offer to all these young people a structure even better adapted to their respective needs. This is why we have installed girls in Kollegal and boys in Jageri. One of our aims is to reduce the transportation costs. Saved money will allow us to hire more staff in Jageri where lack of personnel is becoming acute.

Ongoing projects

Home for Boys In Jageri
Olivia’s Home in Jageri, our center for children with mild disabilities is being transformed  to become a Hostel facility for boys aged 4 to 16. We also wish to open a kindergarten for children aged 4 to 5. These children need an appropriate structure to look after them. Our old kindergarten is being adapted to welcome these children. After their their sojourn at the Kindergarten, boys will attend public school in Jageri.

We hope also to develop our centre in Jageri into a vocational centre for youth from remote villages and from families in precarious situation, and boys affected by an HIV infected parent. In these families, parents often choose to send their children to work and do not allow them to attend school. It also happens that these young boys are rejected from the family circle and are left alone. They lose contact with their families and become vulnerable to all kinds of exploitation. It is our duty to protect them.

In Jageri, the the Government Higher Primary School is financed jointly by JJT and the State Department for Education since June 2016. Children attending school follow 1st to 8th grades and our aim is to have children also attending 9th and 10th grades.

We are currently prospecting in isolated villages and identify all those children who should be entitled to be enrolled into our the program.
We are pleased to see that our projects are not only supported by the Authorities but are also very much encouraged.

Common project for the two centers
We must upgrade the IT infrastructure. We need  to move forward in this direction not only for providing the local authorities and our donors with all transparency as far as budget and accounting is concerned but we also believe that the children we are looking after should become familiar with media and IT thus helping them to develop their skills and offer them opportunities for work.