Olivia Home

Olivia Home is located in Jageri up in the hills close to Kollegal. It is hosting boys and young males in situation with mild disabilities but with certain autonomy. However our residents cannot follow a normal schooling even in a protected environment, or to attend outside workshops. These young adults are however sufficiently autonomous to assume daily tasks and work in the farm.

We have developed the Olivia Home to become a small farm, with cows and chickens in a relaxed and warm atmosphere.

The old home of the girls suffering from mild disabilities is transformed into a boarding school for boys from 4 to 16 years old.

Our objectives at Jageri are to develop this place in an educational center for boys of tribes, children of parents in crisis or separated, to help families in precarious situation generated by the disease of a parent. Parents often prefer, in this kind of situation, to see their children working rather than studying. It happens frequently that these young boys are repressed by their family and send out in the street. The risk is big that they lose all contact with their parents and fall into the hands of people ready to exploit them. We have to protect them.